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                                            Biographies: Men of Faith

Some of these books are out of print, but can be purchased used at Amazon.

I do not agree with everything in these books, but have found these authors and their books helpful.
Always search the Scriptures to see if what is written is true.



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     The Men of Faith Series
     This is a good place to start in reading Christian biographies,
     but they are not the best biographies due to their shortness.

Andrew Murray Andrew Murray
William Lindner

Borden of Yale (William) Borden
of Yale

Mrs. Howard Taylor

Brother Andrew Brother Andrew
Dan Wooding

C.S. Lewis C.S. Lewis
Catherine Swift

Charles Colson Charles Colson
Stella Wiseman

Charles Finney Charles Finney
Basil Miller

Charles Spurgeon Charles Spurgeon
Kathy Triggs

David Brainerd David Brainerd
Ranelda Mack Hunsicker

D.L. Moody D.L. Moody
David Bennett

E.M. Bounds E.M. Bounds
Darrel D. King

Eric Liddell Eric Liddell
Catherine Swift

George Muller George Muller
Basil Miller

Hudson Taylor Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor

Awesome! A definite must read!

Jim Elliot Jim Elliot
Kathleen White

John and Betty Stam John and Betty Stam
Kathleen White

John Calvin John Calvin
William Lindner

book cover John Hyde
Francis McGaw

This title is included in Carre's edition

John Newton John Newton
Catherine Swift

John Paton John Paton
Benjamin Unseth

John Wesley John Wesley
Basil Miller

Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards
David J. Vaughan

Jonathan Goforth Jonathan Goforth
Rosalind Goforth

Fantastic! Another must read!

Martin Luther Martin Luther
Mike Fearon

Oswald Chambers Oswald Chambers
David W. Lambert

Samuel Morris Samuel Morris
Lindley Baldwin

Short book, awesome story.

William Booth William Booth
David Bennett

William Carey William Carey
Basil Miller

Billy Graham Billy Graham
W. Terry Whalin

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Susan Martins Miller


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